Carol Starr has been a psychiatric nurse and counselor since 1972. She is now a Martha Beck certified life coach with a focus on mind/body health and happiness coaching and skillfully navigating life transitions. She is married to Timothy. Their combined families include 6 children and 11 grandchildren. Her web site is

Timothy Nobles is a writer, toolmaker, and social visionary. He lived for ten years on The Farm, one of the largest and most effective experimental communities that emerged from the spiritual revolution of the 1960s. After leaving The Farm, he worked for many years in the R&D laboratories of the world's largest technology companies, including IBM, Intel, and Texas Instruments. His web site is

Jack Wiens has been an artist and illustrator all his adult life, but for 35 years he also worked as a psychotherapist. He now enjoys life as a full-time artist, and he is the proud father of a son and daughter. He is also the proud grandfather of three grandchildren. His web site is

OUR PLAN is to organize the human community to survive, thrive, relax, and laugh a lot—that's the job of our Community Organizer. Steve Bhaerman has devoted his life and his career to calling people together and teasing them into laughing, into loving each other, and also into thinking, organizing, and taking action. Wearing his political science costume, he blogs social, moral, and political wisdom at Notes From The Trail and he authored SPONTANEOUS EVOLUTION: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here with Bruce Lipton. Wearing his New Age comedian costume (with turban), as Swami Beyondananda, he teases with social, moral, and political humor from the stage worldwide and from his web site and Wake Up Laughing blog at

Wendell Fitzgerald, JD, president of the Henry George School of San Francisco, has been a social justice activist and economics educator since earning his law degree as a young man. His passion has been to spread the good news of Henry George's discovery of a powerful and simple social mechanism that radically reduces inequality and virtually eliminates dire poverty, described in George's 1879 book Progress and Poverty (the best-selling American nonfiction book of the 19th century—millions were sold world-wide). Wendell also now lends his expertise and leadership to the MORE THAN ENOUGH NOW movement because he sees that it's a way to rapidly accomplish the goals of social and economic liberation he passionately wants for all of us NOW. His web site is