About the Author

Timothy Nobles grew up on a tiny farm south of Memphis with a heritage of more than 300 years of farming in America—his ancestor Isaac Nobles immigrated to Maryland from England in 1665. As a child and teenager, Timothy did his share of plowing, planting, and tractor fixing, which gave him a strong sense of how things work and inspired his early certainty that we humans can cooperate to produce more than enough for all of us to live in healthy prosperity, while at the same time restoring the Earth’s beauty and fertility. Also, he learned that he loved to develop practical solutions, fix things, and also explain solutions to others—this became his life work.

In his search for solutions, Timothy experimented in electronics and also read over 2000 books before graduating from high school. In college he majored in journalism to become a finder and explainer of solutions, but left after two and a half years because he felt it was urgent to stop searching and start implementing obvious practical solutions.

His decision to jump into life and start implementing led to ten years of participation in a very successful large experimental community where the stated goal was “to save the world.” Also, it led to a wife and three children, degrees in electronics technology and English writing, a career in technology research and technical writing at Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM, and other global tech companies, years of nuclear disarmament activism, and also a continuing personal drive to research and publicize practical solutions for our critical challenges. In recent years Timothy has worked full-time from his home in Ashland, Oregon to research and create the More Than Enough NOW how-to-prosper manual and project.


About the Illustrator

Jack Wiens, M.A., has illustrated dozens of books in his career, mostly children’s picture books. Also, he enjoys teaching art classes and workshops for people who are a bit timid about trying visual art. In addition, he has authored and illustrated a small book called Tending Our Grief (available on Amazon) which is based on his experiences working with hospice.

His other career for over 30 years was working as a licensed professional counselor in private practice as well as in mental health centers and addiction treatment programs. His experience as a therapist has equipped him to portray human emotions and behavior in his artwork in a uniquely effective way.

He is a native of Oregon, grew up in southern California, and also lived for several years in Colorado and Missouri before returning to his home state, settling in Ashland in 2012. Jack has two children and three grandchildren, and is active in his community, belonging to a “tribe” of friends who meet weekly to support one another. He also enjoys exploring the beauty of the northwest, especially the rugged coastline of northern California and Oregon.