Endorsements of More Than Enough

More Than Enough delivers to humanity a breathtakingly simple, yet profoundly powerful statement of how to meet the world’s challenges, dissolve the world’s anger, end the world’s suffering, and reach the world’s potential. This book is a remarkable gift to the people of our planet from the mind of one of its clearest thinkers.

Timothy Nobles has given us one of those rare books that excites and ignites us even as we read it, arousing within us a sense of promise and hope for our future once again, just as we were finding ourselves shaking our heads in dismay at what has appeared to be nothing but darkening global prospects. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then artist Jack Wiens has added immeasurably to this crystal clear and exhilarating revelation of the power we hold in our hands to put the future back in our hands, devising and fashioning a New Tomorrow more glorious than we might ever have imagined.

—Neale Donald Walsch
Author of 34 books inspired from Conversations with God


I am amazed at how often we find elegant solutions for intractable problems. Now, Timothy, Jack, and team bring forth More Than Enough to reveal that replacing fear with trust is an elegant high-yielding solution—harmony and abundance turn out to be simple, and the world becomes a wonderful place!

—Albert Bates
Author of Climate in Crisis (1990), The Biochar Solution (2010), The Paris Agreement (2015)


This book exposes the big lie of false scarcity in the richest country in the history of the world. With metaphor, facts, and delightful illustrations Timothy makes the book title perfectly clear, allowing us to move forward armed with the essential truth that we have More Than Enough.

—Bill Kauth
Co-founder of the ManKind Project, author of A Circle of Men


More Than Enough is a delightful guide to transforming our current scarcity and gridlock consciousness into worldwide conscious realization of sustainable abundance. Timothy explains in this easy to read and inspiring book how it's within our power to manifest a healthy world filled with intelligent and loving human creativity. He shows how we can shift from global fear-based competition economics to a new global economic agreement in which everyone cooperates to provide for the well-being of every single human. This lovely book's core message is that the resources are in our hands, right here and now, to create a world in which everyone, including the planet, wins!

—Howard Morningstar, MD
Morningstar Healing Arts, Ashland, Oregon


I keep coming back to More Than Enough, and as a psychologist, I ask myself “Why is that?” In the first read it helped calm down my general worries about the future, BUT it didn't motivate me to do anything. My initial response was, “Oh, I can rest now—someone or something else is going to take care of all this!” But now I'm noticing something else, a reaction I didn't anticipate: I'm starting to feel motivated to take some creative action. And this time it’s different from being motivated out of fear. I'm noticing more clarity and more than enough creative energy to join with others and make things better!

—Dr. John Leonard
Founder of NeuroBehavioral Programs, Inc. www.BePainFree.net


More Than Enough, written by Timothy Nobles and illuminated by Jack Wiens’ insightful and saucy artwork, makes it clear that humanity has the potential and the abundant means (from technology and resources to proven public policy solutions) to create a world that works really well for all of us and also for all life on Earth. Drawing from their own deep well of caring and from a comprehensive study of solutions proposed by activists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, visionaries, and researchers, they make it clear that the issue is no longer in doubt. We can do this. We were not left by some cruel fate to languish on an insufficient planet or for want of intelligence among ourselves. This truth has been a profound spiritual realization for me, in the most grounded and practical way possible. This is our call. The fact that there is More Than Enough of everything we need already at hand IS our call to action!

—Wendell Fitzgerald, JD
President, Henry George School of Economics, San Francisco