More Than Enough NOW Project Theory
—Why It Will Work—

When we look at the world through the view-screens of our mainstream media, in the words of Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist of the World Bank, we see a long-standing and continuing malaise, with no hint of positive resolution on the horizon. Also, we don't see exciting new ideas, and we don't see alert and inspired leaders who are opening new paths. This is because we are between stories.

THE OLD PARADIGM IS OVER, and few people on the view-screens of the media know about the emerging new paradigm.

A primary goal of the More Than Enough NOW Project is to publicize and dramatize the VALUE of the emerging love, trust, respect, and cooperation-for-mutual-benefit productive social paradigm, and thereby inspire BILLIONS of people to dash headlong toward it. WE ACCOMPLISH THIS BY STARTING A GOLD RUSH. 







Two Ways To Rapidly Mobilize Billions of People
and Trillions of Dollars

The FIRST WAY people usually think of is a terrifying mortal threat, a surprise attack, a Pearl Harbor. But now, our greatest mortal threat is our deteriorating natural environment, increaing species extinction, and rapidly accelerating climate chaos and imbalance. Waiting for a massive demonstration of environmental disaster that mobilizes billions is suicidal, because it will probably come too late for effective action and recovery.  That leaves the SECOND WAY as our ONLY OPTION for rapidly mobilizing billions of people and trillions of dollars to solve our life-threatening global problems and create the graceful, healthy, sane, universally prosperous society that thrives on a healthy Earth that we really want to live in. The exciting SECOND WAY to inspire billions of us snap out of our malaise, jump to our feet, and start solving problems, creating new options, and building loving and nurturing community for all of us including our great-grandchildren is to start a Trust & Respect gold rush:


Our Situation

We humans have on the order of a hundred times more than enough capability to support brilliant and graceful lives for all of us and also to protect and restore the Earth’s climate balance, life support systems, and diversity of plant and animal species. But, we are sabotaged by our anxiety, fear, and distrust to the point where our capability is jammed up like a 100 mile gridlock on a freeway. Billions of people spend most of their effort and resources on hoarding energy and on building barriers to protect their perceived advantages. Only a tiny fraction of our global life force trickles through cracks in the barriers instead of flowing fully and powerfully to nourish our societies and our sanity.



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