The More Than Enough NOW Project

"We humans have on the order of a hundred times more than enough capability to support brilliant and graceful lives for all of us and also to protect and restore the Earth’s life support systems and diversity of plant and animal species."

-- Timothy Nobles

"We have the wherewithal -- now we need the 'aware-with-all'"

-- Swami Beyondananda



Our mission is to speed up our emerging shift from the fear and scarcity global social paradigm to the love and abundance global social paradigm.

More Than Enough NOW speeds up the flip from the old paradigm:

fear, scarcity, domination, & exploitation

to our new emerging social paradigm:

love, trust, respect, abundance, & cooperation for mutual benefit

It's about showing how we can all win, and weaving an exponentially-growing community of solutionaries to empower and accelerate this shift from dysfunctional to functional.


A Key Objective

One of our key objectives is to relieve the majority of human fear and suffering within three years. We realize this sounds impossible, but it’s not—to see how we do it, read our PREVIEW!

In this “end time” only MOON-SHOTS are sensible, practical, and have a chance of succeeding. So, we’re launching the fear-to-love global moon-shot, because you can’t get to the moon in small increments. Our hero David Gershon, author of Social Change 2.0 says: “To engage people wholeheartedly in a social innovation … they need to believe it has the potential … TO SOLVE THE WHOLE PROBLEM.


Steps for Fulfilling our Mission and 3-Year Objective

Phase One:  PRE-LAUNCH

1.        Appeal for Lean Start-Up Funding.  Appeal for launch funds to cover basic operating expenses, professional services, and phase one creations and distributions.

2.      Distribute Beta Draft. Send to a few potential endorsers and supporters we know well, ask for early endorsement, feedback, connections, ideas, advice, and support.

3.      Distribute Pre-Publication Review Copy.  Send to all heroes celebrated in the book (plus many other leaders) asking for endorsement and collaboration, and asking for publicity to their networks when we publish. The 68 brave heroes we celebrate have a total of 111.5 million Twitter and FaceBook followers (we counted).

4.      Recruit Board of Directors & Create Non-Profit Foundation.  Recruit powerful board of directors and advisers, and create a tax-deductible nonprofit foundation for MTE-NOW (with the option of aligning with an already existing foundation to get started).

5.      Create Vital and Scalable Website.  Collaborate with professionals to design and implement a robust MTE-NOW website for spreading the MTE new story and for enrolling teams for the MTE-NOW global citizens movement. We will host with a provider that can scale to handle any level of traffic.

6.      Create Our Marketing Campaign.  Collaborate with both professionals and volunteers from around the world to create and begin implementing multi-faceted cooperative marketing and publicity campaigns.

7.       Incorporate Feedback and Tweak Book Design.  Final tweaks based on feedback from reviewers and on professional book design and graphics advice.

8.      Publish!  Publish in e-book and hardcopy formats.

After we’ve completed these initial steps (and as development proceeds we may decide to bump the first two Phase 2 steps into Phase 1), we will work to spread the “There’s More Than Enough NOW and here’s how we can all thrive!” message on many channels. We will also help link communities and "eco-systems" that already are holding and applying parts of the solutions. We will catalyze and assist these many parts in weaving into an integral movement that can release the frozen and anxious energy of our current “fear paradigm,” and thus enable it to flow, innovate, multiply, and reconstitute in the form of sustainable, creative, and graceful prosperity for all, and also in the form of protection and restoration for the Earth’s life support systems and diverse species!


During the next phase, we will:

    Create a 6-minute animated web cartoon of the MTE heroic quest—we envision engaging Noah Sach’s Free Range Studios (THE MEATRIX, The Story of Stuff)

     Create a TED talk that tells the good news of More Than Enough

     Collaborate to design the campaign and materials for the More Than Enough NOW global citizens movement (with David Gershon?) 

     Gather wide Endorsement and support from many thinkers, writers, filmmakers, economists, academics, business wizards, and public figures to help make MORE THAN ENOUGH a global bestseller, and put DOING the Global Prosperity Maneuver NOW on the world agenda.

     Enhance the web site to more effectively tell the MTE story, provide current MTE news, and provide extensive support for the MTE-NOW World Citizens Movement in fulfilling its goal of enabling a channel and focus for the voice and wisdom of sovereign global humanity.

Phase Three:  MASS ROLL-OUT

During the third phase, we will:

     Launch the web site where, much like on Wikipedia, hundreds of thousands can collaborate in designing finely-detailed global, regional, and even neighborhood-by-neighborhood PLANS (with alternatives) for assuring human health and wellbeing AND for protecting and restoring the Earth’s ecology and life support systems

     Facilitate ongoing research.  We dedicate a section of the Wikiplania wiki site to planning, soliciting, funding, and publishing research to help us understand how much money, genius, competent people, and powerful solutions we humans really have, and how we can best use them to ensure a thriving multi-million year future for the refinement and enhancement of life on Earth—after all, the dinosaurs got to refine their contribution for 163 million years.

     Collaborate with a filmmaker (Michael Moore?) to make a feature-length documentary that shows our vast abundance, that shows how SuperCapable we are, that shows what keeps our abundance gridlocked, and that shows how we joyfully conspire to free our abundance and thrive

     More Opportunities and Surprises Will Arise Along the Trail!


Getting Started NOW!

In order to reach our lean start up goals -- the book, website, early adopter and endorser outreach will require a minimum of $20,000.  Every increment beyond that will help immensely. With an additional $80,000, we can produce the web cartoon video (which will go viral), create a more robust and scalable website, and empower many marketing options.  We WILL be launching a crowd-funding campaign once we have endorsers on board, books available, and a website capable of enrolling community and providing links to our MTE solutionaries. So, getting this initial launch funding is essential and urgent. 

To donate via PayPal, go to PayPal-by-email, select "Send to family or friends", specify amount, and send to Timothy's MTE project PayPal account at If you need more information on PayPal or to make other arrangements, you can call Timothy at 541-201-8174. Also, Steve Bhaerman is making his Evolutionary Upwising platform and shopping cart available for collecting funds for MTE. You can become an Evolutionary Upwising Co-Heart (or re-enlist for this campaign) for $99 HERE

Thank you in advance in supporting this world-changing campaign at its inception!